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Define what success means to you 
Defining what success means to you is the first piece of the jigsaw. I'm going to share an exercise that will help you personalise your definition of success and provide guidance in making choices whilst also making you aware of possible tensions.
Create your success formula 
Turn your definition of success into reality. Discover a simple model to help you create and apply your own success formulas. 

success modelling to fast track your timeline 
Success modelling is the one idea that can fast-track your success. You will learn why modelling other people's formula's and testing out some of your own thinking is the optimum solution.

develop your success discipline
Why developing your habits is crucial for creating a compelling future. 

Honing your success habits 
Why mediocrity is not an option and how investing your time in becoming the best version of you is essential to honing your success.
BONUS: accelerator exercises 
Exercises to help you take action and achieve more.

Client testimonials 
"Remember starting a jigsaw puzzle as a child? You would have
all the pieces on the table and a picture on the box. RISE is that jigsaw, but YOU create YOUR picture with the help of great chapters on YOU, YOUR vision and why ‘success is no accident’. Once you have your picture of your life, RISE, in a simple-to-understand way, will help you put together the pieces in a logical and sequential order!
So stop dreaming, read the book and take action."
“RISE is literally your personal success coach in your pocket" 
Perry Power, Entrepreneur
“A positive nudge to help and restore your attitude of action" 
James Devine, Medway NHS Foundation Trust
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